The following includes some of (but not all) the activities Kahu O Kahiko participates in:
  • Documents and records interviews with Hawaiian kupuna knowledgeable in a certain aspects of Hawaiian culture, tradition and activities, including the those who specialize in the "Hawaiian Healing Arts" knowledgeable in the use of endemic medicinal Hawaiian plants and herbs.
  • Historical Site Preservation: To acquire land which contain ancient heiau (sacred temples) and other properties of historic value so as to bring it under the care of Kahu O Kahiko; and to identify and mark ancient trails used by our ancestors and to keep these trails open for educational purposes.
  • Establishing and building an "Archiving Facility" suitable for properly preserving recording documents, photographs and artifacts entrusted to our care. (The Hove Project)
  • Establishing, building and creating a "Protocol Training Center" (the Hove Project) that will educate the community in the traditional Hawaiian protocols for burial sites, heiau (sacred temples) historical sites, harvesting, voyaging, fishing, recognizing the Gods, ancestors, Ali'i, and foreign diplomats.
  • Collaborates and supports individuals and organizations that work to promote and protect the fragile Hawaiian ecosystem for the many endangered plants and animals; or those who work to protect endangered or rare plants by cultivation propagation and reforestation. (The Paniolo Project)
  • Establishing a free membership with similarly minded individuals and organizations throughout Hawaii and the world whom also love Hawaii, its people and its culture and to network with those individuals and organizations to promote, protect and preserve things that are uniquely Hawaiian.

Kahu O Kahiko Inc. a non-profit organization 501(c)3 was founded in 1996. Its purpose is to collect and preserve Hawaiian historical information because traditionally, the rapidly declining population of kupuna (elders), would rather withhold their information rather than release it to someone who would not properly preserve and honor their gift of knowledge.
The title Kahu O Kahiko translates as "keepers of the past or keepers of the ancient knowledge" and compels the organization's directors (most of whom are descendants of chiefs) to preserve, document and protect the ancient traditions of the information it collects.
Kahu O Kahiko Inc. protects and supports the local Hawaiian community through endorsement and networking with Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian individuals and organizations that: also work to promote and protect the fragile Hawaiian eco-system, preserving the habitat of many endangered, threatened endemic plants and animals or living and working toward sustainable affordable eco-friendly life style.
First Hotel on Hawai'i Island - Volcano House
Waipi'o Valley
Kaulana Na Pua: Translated in this short video.  There is learning in repetition, especially when it resonates with one's soul, as kaulana na pua resonates with those who love Hawai'i .

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Kaulana Na Pua
 by Sudden Rush

Brave New Voices
Jamaica Osorio

Coming soon Old Hawaii Maps...
Flowers have petals and each petal in an individual.
Trees have leaves and each leaf is an individual.
Humanity has people and each person is an individual.
The petal and leaf separate from the rest of the flower or tree wither and die.
We do not stand alone.
We individuals are a part of the whole.

The tree needs the sun and the rain and the earth.
It responds to wind and fire.
It gives shelter and food to other living things.
It is not a tree alone,
It is part of the ecosystem.
That is part of the world. 
That is part of the universe.
The sun and the tree are one.
The tree and the squirrel are one.
The tree and the boy carving his initials in its bark are one.

We can go through life feeling separate.
We build our ego defenses and protect our toys and territories.
We make a name for ourselves.
We expound our truths.
And what we get for it is loneliness, alienation, conflict and disagreement.
When I claim this toys as mine, I invite you to take it.
When I stake out my territory, I invite you to step over the line.
When I claim to be leader of the pack, I invite challengers to test me.
Big ego invites conflict and disagreement.
Little ego gives nothing to fight against. 
When we speak the truth, others listen. 
When we claim to own the truth, others observe the lie.

Each of us is precious.
Each of us is unique.
Each has strengths and talents to develop.
We have our gifts and our flaws, and we each contribute to the whole.
We are individual and we are one.
Seek awareness of your connections.
Think about what makes you uniquely you
And what makes you like others.
Think about what makes your life possible.
Consider what you contribute to the whole.
Sit quietly and appreciate your oneness with all that is.
Leave behind words, judgments, categories and boundaries.

Ho'okahi (Oneness)